Notes Tone Unturned
(formerly Asia/Pacific Computer Services, closed down at the end of 2013).
This is now the PERSONAL website of Tony Austin, not a business site.
Do not contact me offering to provide business-related services, such as
Web Design and SEO, marketing campaigns, or any other such proposal.
If you do, you will be billed for wasting my valuable time!
NOTE: These pages are no longer being actively updated.

Security, Privacy, Auditing & Compliance, Anti-Virus,
Anti-Spam, Anti-Piracy, Cryptography, ...

NOTICE - This page is now archived, in read-only state (and no longer being updated)

The original company that established this website (Asia/Pacific Computer Services) has been closed, shut down, no longer conducting business, ceased operating!

As a result, starting mid-September 2014 most of the site's original pages have been taken offline. These web pages ar no longer being maintained.

However, if you are seeking to view the old content of these web pages, you should be able to find a copy of  the original web pages at the Internet Archive (a.k.a. the "Wayback Machine"), see FAQs.

Note: These archived pages are in read-only form. The pages were saved by the Internet Archive organization during one of its regular web crawls, and I have absolutely no control over the archived pages.

Therefore it is pointless contacting me to ask for any amendments to the archived pages, such as adding or deleting links to your own web sites.

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