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CAPTURE - Customer And Project Tracking with Usage Reporting Extensions (a CRM application)
Simple Signer - easily Sign all design elements in a Lotus Notes database

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Asia/Pacific Computer Services is pleased to provide at no charge -- on an "as is" basis -- NOTES PRESENTER, which is a Lotus Notes database application that may be freely used, subject to the Terms and Conditions below. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must not use this database or any derivative of it. Please read the NOTES PRESENTER Terms and Conditions of usage, at the bottom of this page.

Presenter for IBM Lotus Notes ("Notes Presenter", or just "Presenter") is freeware. That's right, NO COST to you ever. No limitations. You can donate if you want, but that's certainly not required.

Notes Presenter operates under the IBM Lotus Notes Client Release 6 or later. It Presenter For historical reasons, It has been designed to use the full power of the IBM Lotus Notes Client, for Release 6 and later. While a Presenter database can be accessed via a web browser, no attempt has been made to adapt Presenter to the Internet environment. Specifically, the viewing of Presenter documents, or "slides", via a browser should be okay at least in READ mode.

This handy little application deliberately aims for ease of use as a simple repository and distribution vehicle for your presentations or demonstrations or software packages -- not only the descriptive 'slides' themselves but also all the associated resource materials.

The benefits? With Presenter, you have a convenient, unified package -- a single IBM Lotus Notes database that can be zipped and made available as a download from your website or LAN or mailed out as a CD or DVD.

  • Nothing beats native Lotus Notes as an ideal vehicle for the storage and distribution of a diversity of presented matter and associated resources -- text, graphics, live URLs, attachments (such as illustrations, sample software, documents, spreadsheets, movies, other presentations such as Microsoft PowerPoint, even other Lotus Notes databases) that all form part of your presentation or demonstration.

    This means that Notes Presenter is a great way to deliver your applications: not just the software (such as Notes databases) but also the user guides, video demonstrations and tutorials, or anything else that forms part of the total application package.
  • With Presenter, you can make full use of a range of views plus Notes Full Text Search to help you during your presentation or demonstration. For example, during question time at the end of your presentation, a member of the audience asks about a particular topic that you mentioned, so you use Full Text Search to rapidly locate the relevant slide (rather than your having to laboriously go through a number of slides before finding it).
  • If a team of authors is working on a presentation or demonstration, they can prepare individual slides and then replicate them to a shared Presenter database central Domino server in the usual superlative Lotus Notes fashion.
  • Each presentation or demonstration should be stored in its own Presenter database. Each document in the database becomes a "slide" or a "resource container" in your presentation.


    Anyone using IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, from the smallest organisation or group upwards, conceivably could find a use for Notes Presenter.

    Notwithstanding that the likes of Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance (if anybody still uses it), and the newcomer OpenOffice Impress are all excellent as specialized presentation tools, they do only the one thing (enable you to prepare and show slides). Notes Presenter is designed to be complementary to and an extender for the PowerPoint and the like, not a replacement. Use Notes Presenter whenever you need to assemble a single package consisting of multiple resource files that are associated with such things as an event, a product  announcement or release, or a demonstration.

    This is definitely a case of "eating one's own dog food" so let all Lotus Notes enthusiasts lead the way... "Luceat Lux Vestra" ...

    Notes Presenter was designed with those who prepare and deliver presentations and demonstrations in mind.


    Whenever possible -- most of the time -- use Lotus Notes itself as the presentation and distribution medium. The challenge is put out in particular to IBM employees (especially the Lotus Software group) plus IBM business partners and ISVs (Notes/Domino application developers) who champion Lotus Notes!

    The Notes Presenter database is delivered, fully functional and with no restrictions as to how you use it, but with its design hidden to protect our intellectual property.


    As discussed above, Notes Presenter is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, and there is no separate printed User Guide. Please refer to the "Help About This Database" and "Help Using This Database" (accessible from the Notes menu bar in the database itself) for guidance and tips on  Notes Presenter operation and security.

    As well as the built-in help, you can download and play this informal screencam demonstration (it's a Windows executable, recorded using Camtasia, size approximately 12 MB).


    We plan to make some enhancements to the Notes Presenter freeware, and will consider adding small features that you might suggest. The key determinant is that any such requests must be of a generally-applicable nature. We want to avoid falling into the trap of creeping featurism. Therefore any new features must comply with our overall concept that the freeware version of Notes Presenter must remain a simple and easy-to-use application. (Also, the requests must not put a burden on our limited development resources. Remember that after all Notes Presenter is freeware, and we'll need to be very selective about which of your requests to implement as freeware!)

    If you are interested in using Notes Presenter but need significant modifications to meet your requirements, we certainly will consider performing the modifications for you -- at reasonable rates for our professional services. We will licence the resulting product to you (with unhidden design) for your exclusive use. Even if you don't need any major functional changes you still might wish to purchase a Notes Presenter licence so that you can make minor changes such as in forms appearance or layout, or to globalize it (translate it from English into one or more other languages).

    Click on the following image to download Notes Presenter

    Click here to download the NOTES PRESENTER self-extractor file, then execute it to extract the Presenter database.
    Notes Presenter Version 1.01 -- released 04 November 2008 (Approx. 11 MB)

    Please don't forget to send us an e-mail if you like (or don't like) Notes Presenter and any interesting experiences you have in using it!

    We have spent very many hours developing and enhancing Notes Presenter, SDMS, CAPTURE and other free applications.

    While it will always be a totally free application, voluntary donations are gratefully accepted to help defray our development costs and fund future development.

    Please send us a contribution.
    Any amount, to the extent that Notes Presenter (or any of our other free Notes applications) is of value to you.

    Voluntary donations gratefully accepted, to help defray our development costs and fund future development! While Notes Presenter is completely free, you may like to send us a contribution if you think that it is of value to you.

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    This is a self-extracting zipped file that yields the Presenter database, which you place in your Lotus Notes data directory. There's no complicated installation procedure. Just open the extracted Presenter database and, in a matter of seconds, you can start preparing your first presentation or demonstration slides!

    A copy of the NotesTracker evaluation database is also included with Notes Presenter, to act as a repository of Usage Log documents when you switch on the usage tracking feature.


    You will have to carry out some basic administrative activities, specifically, the amendment of the database's ACL (Access Control List) to suit your individual security requirements. That is, you must modify the ACL to control who will be database Readers, Authors, Editors and Managers. As distributed (starting with Version 1.1). the Notes Presenter database comes with the -Default- access level set to "Manager", but this is done only to make it easy for you to become familiar with the database's functions and capabilities.


    TIP: In the Help you will find a section about securing your database. The Notes Presenter database is distributed with certain assumptions in its Access Control List (ACL) about who will use the database and how (who will be managers, editors, readers, and so on). If you wish to change the database's ACL, but do not have Manager access rights needed to make such changes, all you need do is to make a new copy of the database without copying its ACL, which gives you the necessary Manager access so you will be able to adjust the ACL (of the new copy) to meet your needs.

    Note: To better secure local copies of Notes Presenter databases, the Access Control List has (in its "Advanced" section) the property "Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas of the database". (This might cause you some problems in accessing the database, so you must properly understand how this setting works.)

    Please do not hesitate to contact us about Notes Presenter. WE WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK.
    If Notes Presenter doesn't quite fit your needs, we are prepared to design tailored versions of it for you, for a modest fee plus the appropriate licence fee for the built-in NotesTracker implementation. For the latter, please refer to:

    Last updated: 13 July 2004

    Copyright: 2006 Asia/Pacific Computer Services Pty Ltd

    This Software, the "Presenter for IBM Lotus Notes (Notes Presenter, or Presenter)" database for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, contains proprietary information of Asia/Pacific Computer Services Pty Ltd ("APCS") and is copyrighted and licenced, not sold.

    The term "Software" means the original program and all whole or partial copies of it. A Program consists of machine-readable instructions, its components, data, audio-visual content (such as images, text, recordings, or pictures), and related licenced materials.

    By installing the Software you agree to these Terms and Conditions and APCS grants you an unlimited free licence to use the
    Notes Presenter software for personal use or in your organisation and to distribute it on a not-for-profit basis.

    The Software is provided with hidden design and you shall not modify, translate, disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer the Software. If you purchase a tailored (licenced) form of the Software it will be provided with unhidden design so that its design elements may be modified and adapted by you to meet your specific requirements.  For both forms you may not remove, alter or deface any proprietary notices on the Software.

    Notes Presenter is free ("freeware") the guarantee of free support is not included in the licence for the Software. APCS may decide to make reasonable effort to fix problems reported, and enhance functionality where requested or suggested but APCS reserves the right to charge for such enhancements and future upgrades or maintenance of this product. If you wish to modify Notes Presenter to better suit your individual requirements, then APCS is willing to sell Notes Presenter to you and provide it without hidden design, so that your Notes developer can adapt it to meet your needs. (APCS is also willing to carry out design changes on your behalf, for a reasonable fee.)

    The Software and associated documentation are copyrighted under international intellectual property laws and are proprietary to APCS. By installing and using the Software, you agree to comply with these terms and acknowledge that the Software and documentation contain valuable trade secrets and other proprietary information belonging to APCS. You agree not to remove any copyright statement from the Software.

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