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We used to support these Cross-Industry Tools and Solutions from our Global Business Partners.
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ProActive Performance Tools
"End-user response time is the most important measure of performance"

ProActive Tools simulate your Notes environment and enable capacity planning, application response performance tests and performance analysis.

 ProActive Assistant and  ProActive Load
ProActive Tools Guides
About Notes and Domino Performance
Roadmap for Testing Notes Performance
Measure precisely the investment needed to build the most effective Notes/Domino environment

Understand your Notes Infrastructure

Use Angkor to help you determine the scope and true value (TCO) of all your Notes applications.


This will guide you for server consolidations, application cleanup, upgrade to the next version of Notes, or deciding which applications are best to move to another platform (like WebSphere or .NET).


Read the Angkor brochure and Justifying the cost of Notes plus Ed Brill's blog


Workflow without Programming
AbilitySuite - enterprise business process workflow, mail and document management. Brochures

  • AdaptAbility - workflow and document management

  • MailAbility - effective Notes Mail categorising, searching, retention and retrieval of SHARED e-mail content.
     "Pay up now or pay later in court"

Philosophy of the Corporate Information Space


Export and Report the easy way!

and ExportWiz Lite (free version)

also ...
 MailExportWiz - NotesOutlookWiz - ContactsImportWiz - WorkflowWiz - NotesWordWiz



Notes Printing -- The Way YOU Want

Tools from SoftVision Development


Web Performance Management

Tools from Technovations


 SpamSentinel  - for Lotus Notes
The best way to STOP SPAM for Notes mail  

Data Integration, B2B and XML

Want to better manage data, e-mail and info-feed traffic? Keen to start using XML for your B2B needs?


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CLICK HERE to find out more about our own key product, NotesTracker ...

Most organisations don't have any real idea of how effectively their Notes/Domino applications are being used!

NotesTracker provides a NEW WAY for you to gather and examine key usage information about your Lotus Notes/Domino applications, whether the databases are accessed via a Lotus Notes Client or a Web Browser.
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