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NotesTracker Version 5 -- sample reporting views (archive)
Measure the Success of your Lotus Notes/Domino Applications

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Click on the image to see NotesTracker Version 5 running happily under IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 ...

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WEB ACTIONS (interactions performed via a Web browser)
     Web Reads, Creates, Updates - BY USER

     Web Reads, Creates and Updates - BY DATABASE

FIELD AUDITING  - showing field "before images" and "after images"
     Example 1 - Customer Document - showing CHANGED FIELDS only (with each field's value underneath field's name)
     Example 2 - Domino Directory (Public Address Book) -  Server Document - showing CHANGED FIELDS only

For EVERY USER, showing EVERY ACTION PER DAY (document Create, Update, Read, Delete, etc)
     Document action type (Create, Update, Read) by user name by date

Showing EVERY ACTION PER MONTH and DAY per user
     User name by document Action Type by date (Create, Update, Read, etc)

     Document action type by user location by user name

For every database, showing VIEW OPENS BY DATE per User
     View opens per user per database by date

"Knowledge Contributors" - those users who performed document Creates and Updates.
Typically, some 80 to 90 per cent of document actions will be READS (without Update).
This view filters out such "passive usage" -- you will find out who are your creative users!
     Contributors (document Creators and Updaters)

"What's New" - document Creates across multiple databases.
This view is designed to be embedded in a frame or your Portal Page (see "Breaking News" just below).
The most recently-added (newest) documents are at the top of the view. Similar views for "What's Changed"
(document Updates) and "What's Been Deleted" can be created in seconds.
     New documents - most recent Creates at the top

"Breaking News" View - an automatically-refreshed Portal Page view.

Shows the very latest document additions. This is based on the "What's New" view shown just above.
The view is refreshed automatically at a user-selected interval, between 5 seconds and 2 hours.

We've done all the design work, you just easily adapt it for you own Portal Page or Welcome page.
     Breaking News - most recently added documents at the top - View pointer not at top

     Breaking News - most recently added documents at the top - View pointer at top after auto-refresh
     Click here for a detailed explanation of the Breaking News view

"Special Documents" - new in NotesTracker Version 5.0
These are documents that are more important to you than above other documents, for some reason.
Refer to the NotesTracker Guide for a detailed explanation.
     Special Documents by Database per User
     Example of e-Mail Alert of "Special" document that was updated
Actions by Database Classification - new in NotesTracker Version 5.0
Each database can be given one or more "classification" or "identifier" names for broader reporting.
     Activities by Database Classification

NotesTracker Version 4 sample views (archives)

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