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NotesTracker Video Demonstrations (Screencams)
Applicable to NotesTracker Version 4.0 (recorded in December, 2002).
There will be some differences in the appearance of screen layouts in later releases of NotesTracker.

Below are links to a few informal video demonstrations, with narration, that may give you a better understanding of NotesTracker and an appreciation of where and how you might use it. You can use the animations in conjunction with your evaluation of  NotesTracker, or even as a substitute for an evaluation if you don't have ready access to a Lotus Notes Client.

The demonstrations and commentary highlight for you the rationale and benefits for using NotesTracker, including an overview of some of the key design and administration topics (covered in depth in the downloadable NotesTracker Guide).

We recorded our animations using TechSmith's Camtasia Studio, which produces AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) files that you should be able to play with your regular media player (Microsoft Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc).

However it is possible that the first animation that you try will not play back on your regular installed media player. You can easily resolve this issue by following one of these steps:

  1. If you want to keep on using your regular media player, you should click here to get the TSCC from the TechSmith web site --  choose the appropriate version (Windows or Mac) and then execute it to install TSCC on your system. After this, the AVI files should play without problems in your media player. (For an alternative download location for the TSCC codec for Windows, try clicking here )

    TSCC stands for the "TechSmith Screen Capture CODEC" -- where codec stands for compressor-decompressor. TechSmith designed this codec to provide lossless image quality coupled with high compression ratios. TSCC is a plug-in to your system that enables your regular media player to handle the downloaded AVI file.

    Because the TSCC codec is a small file, it should take only a few of seconds to download and install. In fact, you need not actually download, just run it without first saving it.
  2. You might prefer to download TechSmith's Camtasia Player and use it the "full experience" of opening and playing the various AVI demonstration files. The Camtasia Player has the TSCC codec already built in, so the first step will be unnecessary. You merely unzip the downloaded file and run the unzipped Camtasia Player executable, then use it to open and play the individual NotesTracker AVI demonstration files.

Its a good idea for you to download the AVI files and then play them, rather than running them directly from our web site without saving them. If you keep them, they can be replayed conveniently by yourself or your colleagues at any time, without repeated download delay and cost.

  • Why you need NotesTracker (AVI File size: approximately 1.4 MB)
    Briefly demonstrates why you will want or need NotesTracker to track usage of your Lotus Notes/Domino databases.
  • NotesTracker overview (AVI File size: approximately 1.3 MB)
    Briefly explains the sample databases distributed with NotesTracker.
  • NotesTracker - the "Universal Enabler" for Notes/Domino usage tracking (AVI File size: approximately 6.4 MB)
    Explains why the NotesTracker SDK (software development kit) can be considered a unique "universal enabler" for Notes/Domino database usage tracking.
  • Database and document actions that are tracked by NotesTracker (AVI File size: approximately 1.8 MB)
    Demonstrates the database activities tracked and logged by NotesTracker - document Creates/Reads/Updates/Deletes, plus View Opens.
  • How NotesTracker reports on database/document usage (AVI File size: approximately 6.2 MB)
    Explains how NotesTracker log documents are viewable in many useful ways -- by user, database, date/time, Domino server, database, etc -- and how they provide you with a wide range of important and useful database/document usage metrics. Includes a demonstration of how NotesTracker can provide multi-database document feeds into a dynamic "Breaking News" views that you would place on your various Notes and Domino/Web portal pages.
  • How NotesTracker logging is configured and controlled (AVI File size: approximately 4.8 MB)
    Demonstrates how the NotesTracker Configuration Document is each of your databases is used to specify whether or not usage tracking is active for that particular database, and to provide a fine degree of control over which database/document actions are being measured (Creates/Reads/Updates/Deletes, field content changes, etc).
  • Uses and applications of NotesTracker (AVI File size: approximately 9.9 MB)
    A quick tour that demonstrates some of the many and various ways that you might use NotesTracker.
  • Implementing and deploying NotesTracker (AVI File size: approximately 11.8 MB)
    Outlines the design elements used by NotesTracker,
    and demonstrates how (once you have purchased NotesTracker) you will be able to use these design elements to easily and quickly modify your Notes databases for comprehensive usage tracking.

Click here to go ot the NotesTracker introdictiory page.
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