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Australian Rules Football -- Aussie Rules
"The Swans" - South Melbourne Football Club
and Jack Austin
This web page is dedicated to the memory of my beloved father, John William Austin.
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Jack Austin: "Victoria's Chifley"
An article from the Sandringham News -- Thursday, June 9, 1955

"In the 1933 grand final, hard-hitting, high-flying full-back Austin broke down many an attack on South Melbourne's goal. Today, in a political atmosphere far more tense and critical than any football final, he wears his party's guernsey in the most important electoral battle in the history of the Labor movement.

Hoadley's Chocolates Ltd. -- Series of 100 League Footballers, No. 8 (right):  "One of the fastest defenders in the game, Austin plays with dash and determination. A good mark for his inches, and an excellent kick."

He's fighting this  election the way he played football -- hard and fair. As one of his organisers told his big team of canvassers: "We're kicking against the wind. We're going straight to the goal, and if anybody gets in the way we hit him fair and square, with the shoulders and hips."

The team is putting everything into the biggest and most enthusiastic A.L.P. campaign in the history of the electorate. They're confident, because they have a solid, unspectacular candidate who has already earned himself a reputation in Labor circles as "the Victorian Chifley."

THE PARALLEL between Jack Austin and the late Labor Prime Minister is quite striking, and the longer you look at it, the stronger it gets. For he's a man who has literally lifted himself by his own bootstraps above the disabilities of his environment -- a self-taught, self-made man who, in his story and person, largely typifies Australian Labor. ..."

READ the remainder of this article:
The two links below lead to scanned images of the entire page (top and bottom parts) containing the Sandringham News article. It shows  the signs of age, nevertheless is quite legible. A fascinating insight into both Victoria's "religion" (Aussie Rules football) and Australian politics in the 1950s. (There's also a picture of The Swans 1933 premiership team.)
Top part of article  ~  Bottom part of article

Photo of South Melbourne 1933 Premiership Team
1933 Finals Series - see references to "Austin" playing in the Back Pocket (and rated as a best player).
His jersey number was "3".

Jack Austin (footballer) - Wikipedia biography ... by grandson Paul M. Austin

 The Sydney Swans - Official Web Site
History of the Sydney Swans


Other general information about my father
John William Austin (1910 - 1983)

Portrait of Jack Austin painted in his later life (late 1970s or early 1980s) ...

John William Austin, portrait in his later life          John William Austin, portrait in his later life
Portrait copy 1 ....... Portrait copy 2

World War II Veteran information

Sergeant John William Austin Australian army service medals 1939-1945
Sergeant John William Austin
Australian Army service medals 1939-1945

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